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Talk Show on Girls in STEM

Talk Show on Girls in STEM

The history of Nepal on Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) has been dominated by men but that doesn't mean that the women from our society are not capable of it. SITS has organised a talk show on ‘Girls in STEM’ a formal talk show event on which speakers like Agma Malakar with ten years of interdisciplinary understanding in Leadership & Organisational Development including Project & Process Management in Big Data Health Projects and Security Analytics, Jayanti Mala Chapagain a Young Software Entrepreneur from Nepal who was involved with the Federation of Women Entrepreneurs Association of Nepal, started her own IT form named as Spiker Solution and Samyoga Bhattarai Co-Founder at Swastha Naari Backend Systems Engineer at Kathmandu Living Labs, some renowned names in the IT industry of Nepal, talk about how they overcame all these challenges. Come join us for this exciting event.

PS:- Registration start from 9.15AM and the session start from 10AM sharp.


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