Shantinagar, Tinkune, Kathmandu


Message from Principal

Dear Students and Parents,

Thank you for your interest on New Summit College for your further study after secondary education. It is indeed a matter of delight to convey that the New Summit College has taken a top-notch niche as being one of the leading institutions of Nepal for BSc. CSIT, BCA, BBM and BBS programs affiliated to T.U. Our long history of academic excellence and the prospective communities of students and parents from different segments of society show exceptional attachment for this college as a distinct educational benchmark geared to deliver education in the eclectic academic model as key feature that the communities associated to TNC have shown an exceptional adulation for.

New Summit College has earned high regards for its pedagogical features enhanced in the classroom teaching supported by smart educational systems, shared commitment between dedicated teachers, motivated students and enthusiastic parents with higher expectations. Today, the role of college is not only to pursue academic excellence but also to motivate and empower students to be life-long learners, critical and creative thinkers and productive members of an ever- changing global society, full of challenges and opportunities. Therefore, our college focuses on sufficient elective and extra elective subjects to the students as per needs of national and international markets. We have highly experienced IT experts, who have been serving in this esteemed institution since the beginning. We also do have our academic and employment collaboration with different institutions, corporate houses and MOU with companies such as Microsoft Innovation Center to expand the horizon of expertise of our IT students.

At our college, we convinced students to learn through regular seminars, workshops, presentations, case studies, project works, discussions etc. The brighter students are free to excel and the less bright ones are also given every opportunity and support. The talents, skills and acumen of each student is identified, nurtured and encouraged so as to reach greater heights by turning into a combination of classroom study, research and scientific discovery in the global context. Education at our college, thus, revolves more around encouraging and inspiring the students to awaken their curiosity and their desire to learn. We also engage them in a wide range of co-circular and extra-curricular activities, Tech and Sporting events where students have been changemakers. Students of BSc. CSIT and BCA participated in the Hackathon Competition in 2019, they achieved the 1st and 3rd position. Likewise, in the 7th BSc. CSIT Basketball Tournament and 1st BSc. CSIT 20-20 cricket Tournament. Our students deserved the first position. Even in the pandemic (covid-19), all the activities of college are going on smoothly either by virtually or physically by following all the safety protocols.

The college also encourages students to build professional network and nurture their talents in the industry and community. We have well-equipped incubation centers at our college, which are suitable platforms for students to develop themselves. Incubation centers even provide temporary placement opportunities for deserving students. We help students grow with right facilities in the right way. Not only this, our college is in the process of QAA, which ties everyone and everything in organized system and run with visions different plans, well equipped facilities etc. We also have the facilities of EMIS where every record of the students and staffs kept and can accessed through online medium and can get history of all students and staffs.

Learning at this college is the opportunity of the life time. The energy will immerse and inspire our students who are trailblazers from across the country. There is no doubt; we will support you throughout your journey in a collaborative and stimulating environment to help make your time here enriching and memorable for you and your family your destination is our obligation.

As the principal, my primary concern will be about the standard of the colleges and welfare of the students. We always operate from the paradigm that there is greatness in every home, in every parent and in every student and seek to nurture and optimize that greatness. The whole team is committed to making our college national exemplar in the field of Management, Humanities and Social Sciences and Information Technology. With full confidence, I assure you that we will leave no stone unturned to take to your destination by turning your ideas into results.

I, therefore, encourage students and parents to take a tour to know more of its rationale behind launching college as an exclusive center for Bachelor and its prospects that must reward you with.

Thank you, all valuable scholarly members, for your co-operation and ongoing support!

Mr. Chok Raj Dawadi



What our Students say

At NEW SUMMIT College, we are committed to the pursuit of excellence and the provision of an educational service that is progressive and future-focused but importantly Christ-centred, values-based and aligned with our students’ needs. As the Principal, my primary concern will be about th standard of the colleges and welfae of the students. We always operate from the pradigm that there is greatnes in every home.