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New Summit College, established in 2055 B.S. by a team of professional tutors and subject matter experts, has grown to become one of the finest institutions in Kathmandu. New Summit College is one of the leading institutions in the fields of Management, Science and Information Technology. The college has carved an enviable niche most notably in its core field of Computer Science and Information Technology (CSIT). New Summit College is also one of the proud pioneer colleges to introduce full-time IT education as a prominent curriculum in Nepal.

In its glorious 22 years, the college has evolved into a much more diverse institution, with TU-affiliated academic programs like BCA and BBM in its bucket along with its primary academic program of BSc. CSIT. The academic result of the college is consistently excellent throughout its history. The excellence of students is not confined only to the premises of the college. They have won partial and full scholarships to different universities at home and abroad in diverse subjects.

Apart from the academic excellence, New Summit College places high focus on extracurricular activities and events – opportunity for students to actively participate and create a real value. In a changing landscape of education, New Summit College has successfully gone beyond traditional methods with skill-development programs at its heart. The college understands the impact of an increasing need for skilled leaders, entrepreneurs, and changemakers; and has executed pioneering techniques to give rise to such innovative culture.

The college has given births to a range of events; primarily the likes of “TechTrix” which has a history of national attention especially from the technology industry. Students are encouraged to work in a variety of project works, research, ideas, and initiatives to help them explore more than what books and academics can offer in a confined environment. Students have represented the college in national and even in international level going at lengths to overcome institutional boundaries to achieve much more in terms of career development.

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