Shantinagar, Tinkune, Kathmandu

About NEW SUMMIT College

NEW SUMMIT College Affiliated to TU Nepal

Established in 2064 B.S. by a team of visionary professionals in the field of Nepalese academia, NEW SUMMIT College (NSC) has created a landmark as one of the best private colleges in Kathmandu, specializing in Management, Science and Information Technology streams of studies. So, NSC offers various TU affiliated programs including B.Sc. CSIT, BCA and BBM.Computer Science and Information Technology (CSIT)

NSC envisions that up-to-date knowledge and technology are two of the most indispensable assets every student must possess to be successful in the ever-changing IT and Business environment. Keeping these aspects in the core, the college strives to enrich the students with the latest and most up- to-date values, cutting-edge knowledge, and skills in Science, Management and Information Technology, so that they are always leaders in life and competitive in job market.

To be related to its vision, NSC has always prioritized in the recruitment of dedicated and qualified faculty members who are able to lead the students to success in all walks of their life. Therefore, soft skills like the leadership, team-work, communication, critical thinking, positive attitude, innovative and problem-solving skills, work ethic, technical flexibility or adaptability and interpersonal skills have always been focused by the expert faculty of the college so that they not only accumulate knowledge in heads, but also become able to apply them into practical life. This evidence stands the college as student-centric and drives it apart from others in teaching and learning activities, thereby always prioritizing academic professionalism and research- based professional learning among the students.

These careful initiatives taken by the college unanimously draw attention to its endeavor towards the quality higher education that provides all learners with the abilities they need to become proactive and economically productive. Furthermore, it is also important that higher education should be accessible and affordable for everyone. Consequently, NSC gives equal opportunity to its students to make their dreams come true by empowering their minds and hearts irrespective of their economic and ethnic background. In this way, NSC is committed to attracting avid students from all backgrounds.

NSC backs the students’ urges to invent, create, explore and imagine which will allow them to express themselves and become accomplished and confident. The college also emphasises on social services and social responsibilities since its inception. Its constant involvement in a wide variety of projects and research works provides its students with ample exposure to practically take part in them on a regular basis. It is true that forced mental feeding and torturous lessons cannot help ignite imagination and intelligence nor can they kindle a strong motivation. So, education here revolves more around encouraging and inspiring students to awaken their desires to learn. Here, learning meets thinking and passion meets purpose to make them ready for tomorrow. As a result, NSC has been a favorite college for the students for their personal and professional growth in Information Technology, Computer Science and Management so as to mold its products to become job creators, not job seekers.


What our Students say

At NEW SUMMIT College, we are committed to the pursuit of excellence and the provision of an educational service that is progressive and future-focused but importantly Christ-centred, values-based and aligned with our students’ needs. As the Principal, my primary concern will be about th standard of the colleges and welfae of the students. We always operate from the pradigm that there is greatnes in every home.